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Cooking Bag Solutions – Oven / Microwave / BBQ / Sous-vide

We offer an assortment of products for cooking food in the oven or microwave, both in a home and retail/takeaway environment.

There’s a range of cooking bags including the new Sira-Cook™ Supreme™ for oven, griddles, hot-plates and barbecues, and the Si-bag™ and award-winning Self-Seal™ bag – cooking bags perfect for the oven or microwave.

Our cooking bags can be used in store as counter bags, sealed in a production process or even just sold to customers to put their own meals in.

Our Sira-Cook™ Siralon nylon roasting bags are perfect for whole chickens, turkeys or other joints of meat/seafood, and leave the meat succulent and tasty, as well as reducing cooking times – and can also be flow-wrapped and heat-sealed.

Other Siralon products include nylon bags for microwave cooking.

We also have sous-vide bags.

Finally, Smart-Release™, one of the newest products in our range, is a microwaveable bag which keeps food and sauce separate until it infuses during the cooking process – offering superb tasty food in a matter of minutes.  Whether it is microwave convenience food or cook-in bags, we have the answers. Sira-Cook™ makes cooking tasty food easy…