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Dual Ovenable Thermoformable Roll Stock Film

SuperGuard Oven – Ultimate Convenience

These films are designed to be used on all rollstock Thermoforming machines (base web and top web seals), enabling food manufacturers to easily seal prepared proteins or whole meal, portion controlled products into a pouch suitable for conventional ovens or microwaves.

SuperGuard Oven allows processors to create the ultimate in value added product through ready to cook, portion control packages. No mess clean up and reduced cook times offer substantial convenience to the consumer – all in an attractive package that stands out in a retail environment.

Key Features:

Freezer to Oven or Microwave Temperature range of -40 to 400°F Self Venting Designed for shallow draw, portion control applications Outstanding optics allow for clear product presentation Top web can be printed with FDA approved, direct food contact inks Automated Packaging Solution Reduce overall packaging weight and costs

Self Venting Technology:

SuperGuard Oven offers a convenient, touch free, no mess package able to go straight from the freezer to oven. Packages do not require punctures or slits prior to cook eliminating any possibility of contamination from shipping, handling, or preparation. Through a combination of temperature, internal pressure, and time, the package will automatically “self vent”, safely releasing steam and creating an easy open seal for the consumer.

Dual Ovenable Thermoformable Roll Stock Film